Sven Sauer’s Stunning Art Which Deserves Your Attention

by  on March 25, 2010

Following on from yesterday’s post :here is the portfolio of Sven Sauer an amazingly talented designer who really deserves some lime light. If you haven’t had the chance to browse behance recently, then you’re missing out on some truly creative and outstanding work. Not only digitally but on all creative fronts the level of work is mind blowing and very inspiring.


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These are pictures from the feature Film “Sundust” – an apocalyptical lovestory.

After a plane carrying biological weapons crashed close to a little village on the coastline, most of its inhabitants died.

I was inspired by the big blackout in Canada and the US in 2004. I witnessed the incident by chance, visiting Toronto at that time. The entire city was pitchblack. Except for a few single headlights, I feeled surrounded by a ghost city.

Based on that experience, for Sundust we created a “dying city”, withering like a plant. The upper floors of the skyscrapers has already faded, only the lower parts are still filled with live.

The colour range and lighting of the shots are more real than they might appear at first sight. The reference material came from a fotoshooting in Shanghai.

You can see the full shots here:

Mattepainting – Perry Rhodan

This is a new background-image for the “Perry-Rhodan”-Adventure Game. Inspiration was a complex system of oil-platforms. The city is like an oversized drill.

You can see the full shots here:


Look-Design of a TV-Series

The TV movie “The Volcano“ describes the scenario of a volcanic eruption in the Eifel and the damages for the people in the disaster area.
The team of Pixomondo was responsible for circa two-thirds of the visual effects of the production. The focus laid on the task of creating a disastrous volcanic eruption and an explosion as well as full digital landscapes.

On the whole, we came up to 65 shots for the two-parter.
The particularity of this production was a phase of pre-production of two months in which the look of the volcano catastrophe has been intensively developed. That was particular because there usually is only very seldom any time disposable for visual developments in contemporary productions.

I want to show you a part of that look-development that has been created over a period of 3,5 months.

Blue Crystal

Making of Perry Rhodan

The Rebirth of an Old Universe – The Making Of Perry Rhodan
In this making-of documentary we will illustrate the laborious process of creating the Perry Rhodan game. Locked into dark rooms filled with computers, a group of 30 enthusiastic artists and programmers has spent 14 months to design hundreds of space ships, planets, alien races and fantastic stories and baked them all into one of the most complex science fiction computer game adventures.
Our main goal was to create a modernized design for the classic Perry Rhodan series in order to approach a new target audience without alienating the traditional fan base. The original designs of planets, space ships, architecture
and costumes were elaborated by a whole army of science fiction authors and coined the perceptions and expectations of the readers.
We had to stay faithful to these sources while connecting them with new concepts and introducing
transformations to established characters and places. It was a delicate balancing act.

From Sven Sauer’s Portfolio

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