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209 Stunning and Hilarious Illustrator Designs by Glenn Jones

Tweet Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer and Illustrator based in Auckland, New Zealand having worked in the design industry for 15 years focusing on packaging, corporate identity and illustration Glenn moved onto T shirt designs Not only are these designs very well drawn they are very clever and …

Glenn Jones is a freelance graphic designer and Illustrator based in Auckland, New Zealand having worked in the design industry for 15 years focusing on packaging, corporate identity and illustration Glenn moved onto T shirt designs

Not only are these designs very well drawn they are very clever and humorous, which is what makes these designs so unique and appealing. His amazingly well draw and funny Illustrator designs are very popular and have received massive attention.

After a few years success designing tees at Threadless.com and a whopping 19 T shirt designs printed ,Glenn decided to join some US based friends to create his own range of T-shirts, Laptop Skins, Calendars and Free iphone Wallpapers at GLENNZ TEES. He also have a range of Greeting Cards and Limited Edition Art Prints which are available from his site.

This massive collection should definitely help  inspire designers with their Illustrator works and should be bookmarked for later browsing.

If you haven’t heard of Threadless head over to Glenn’s profile it’s free to sign up and they have a very friendly and creative community.

To say hello or contact me about my work, email : glenn@glennz.co.nz

It takes alot of time to put these collections together please retweet and promote on your fav networks . Thanks : )

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

See Glenn’s work here Glennz

Visit his store here

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Limited Edition Christmas Shirt '09


Knock Knock

Rainbow Chasers

Overtime Play

Limited Edition Christmas Shirt '07

Unsolved Crimes

Customer Suggestion Box

Limited Edition Valentines Shirt '09

Limited Edition Christmas Shirt '08 (Target on front - Image on Back)

Loves Me.. (Male & Female shirts)


Roadside Hit

Random Tools

Free Delivery

Rock Beetle


Cactus Animal

Battling Tooth Decay



Cross Now

Slow Seller


British Influence

Clairvoyant Club

House Fire

Fugitive Manhunt

Heavy Firepower

Web Junkie

Perfect Future

Emergency Exits

History Preserved

Polar Man

Hey Hey Healthy


Scale Model

By a Nose


Desktopus Selotapus



Feeding Time

Championship Course

Problem Houston

Safe Keeping

Random Selection

Cake Catastrophe


Easy Money

Monster Holiday

Furniture Flagship

Collision Course

Built on Rock

Illogical Incident

Gulliver's hand-me-downs

FAB Mr President

Clown Flower

Unknown Isle

Lonely Lighthouse Keeper

Wind Farmer


Mysterious Death

Eskimo Innovation

Daily Gig


What Would MacGyver Do?

Swiss Army

Biblical Disaster

Calling Home

Paper Cranes

Cowboys & Indians

GE Salmon

Prehistoric Freak


Homework Evidence

Defend The Kingdom

Legendary Design Failure

Mob Musicians

Go Japan

War Against Work

Potato Head is Dead

Gingerbread Nightmares

Happy Thoughts


Office Chat

Highest Rank

Pre Computers

Less Formal

Insomniac Innovation

Gotham's Youth

Slowing Down

Modern Pirates

Not So Famous

Equus Rockus

Puzzled Putter

Before Stardom

Experimental Music

Secret Habit

Risky Engineering

Prize Catch

It's a Bottle Jim!

Endangered Species

Organised Food Fight

Deep Secret

Deflating Defenses

Haunted Housework

Team Photo

After Hours

Split Personality

Extreme Beginnings



Living Room Legend

Rock Me Amadeus

Go for Launch

Training Run

Amatuer Angler

Cocktail Party

Cat Inventions


Heavy Air

Charlie's Backyard



One Man Army


Office Pilot

Fake Guitar Hero


Ninja Walk of Fame

Arcade Classic

Captain's Cap

Cardboard & Duct Tape

Emergency Room




Phantom Phantom

Old School

Practice Range


Sherriff Drew Scissors

Water Fight


Robo's Best Friend



El Hulko


Airborne Defense


Secure Savings

Social Hero

Heavy Liquids

Feeding Time


Clown Wars

Oceanic Oddity


Pirate Radio


Submarine One

Big Air

Chainsaw Hero

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