Featured Designer :Jared Nickerson’s Amazing Folio

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Today we feature the amazing folio of Jared Nickerson,who walks us through some of his favorite pieces .Based in Seattle he focuses on character design and illustration and of course digital art , his clients include Nike Adidas  and Computer Arts.
  • These will be popping up in Apple stores across the US for a limited time within the next few days to a week.
    Big thanks to Artsprojekt for setting this all up.
    *Graphic displayed is slightly different than the case graphic.

  • This was in July’s (June release) Computer Arts Projects. It’s a two page illustration based on the theme of money or more specific making money. This was the final decided colorway. Other colorways included blue, green, and orange. Will take some pics once I get my copy. (included pic is by a fan)
    *Stay tuned for the August (July release) of Computer Arts Projects cover layout and design.

  • This took me longer than any other artwork I’ve ever done. This was the most complicated and detailed pattern I’ve done to date, and I have to say I’m pretty satisfied with it.
    This piece is for the upcoming BloodSweatVector Exhibition opening November 12th in Berlin. This is 1 of 2 of my pieces for the show. The show is put on by West Berlin Gallery and sponsored by Bacardi. The show will consist of 40+ pieces all by BSV artists.

  • This is a compilation of my favorite elements from my past 3-4 patterns.
    This design will be available for purchase as wallpaper, iPhone case, sneakers and more. This will also be 1 of the core wallpapers in my upcoming wallpack (available soon on BloodSweatVector)

  • This will be part of my upcoming wallpack.
    The pack will consist of new pieces, old pieces, patterns, and stand alone designs.I’ve always wanted to rework my old Apples n Oranges piece, but I decided to start fresh with this piece and loosely base it on A n O.
    Wanted to go more detailed and a lot cleaner. With the exception of the electrical outlets each individual device is unique, no one is identical.
    Stay tuned for details on the next wallpack.

  • Will try and get better pics soon.

    This was a recent project for Adidas Originals. It is a 20′x5′ billboard design. It was showcased on their display at the Project, Las Vegas Show 2010 this month. The stipulations were to use the traditional Adidas blue and for the design to include the phrase “Celebrate Originality”.
    Big thanks to HappyLucky.

  • Your Time Machine Stranded Me In the Haunted Forest of Doom. Now available on laFraise. There is a very different second version of this I did for Neff! Headwear, I’ll post it up soon. That version has more cartoonish elements with a lighter theme including the Neff! branding.

  • Shoe now available for voting at Ryz Wear

  • This will be one of the core wallpapers in my upcoming wall pack.
    I’m surprised that with my love of birds I haven’t created more illustrations with them.
    Bird based on a Scarlet Tanager, with some obvious revisions.
    Testing out a few new techniques, not one gradient used in the whole design.
    Print available at ArtsProjekt.
    Skateboard also available at ArtsProjekt.

  • This issue will be released July 15th and features 30+ character artists.
    If you haven’t guessed it yet this issue is specific to “character design” and also features a 6-8 page feature+interview with myself (Jared Nickerson).

    The cover itself took about a month to finalize. Thanks to Jeremyville for the base/background, and thanks to Alan Wardle of Computer Arts for collecting and sorting the various characters.
    I handled the finalization of the overall design from arrangement to smaller details to adding and balancing characters from various artists including myself.
    Pickup the issue to learn full details on the making of the cover along with words from every artist involved.

    I’m overall happy with the result and experience. Make sure to grab your copy July 15th or towards the end of the month in North America.

  • This was actually completed about a year ago but wasn’t released until recently. This is one of a myriad of ongoing projects with Nike Air, Air Max, Running, Footlocker etc. Despite me finishing this last year, I’m still fairly happy with it. I think the tee has come and gone though so I don’t have full info. on it’s availability for purchase. Big thanks to Kelvin Govey and Jeff Wertz (Portland)

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