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Waldo Trommler Paints

Tweet Waldo Trommler Paints The brightest brand of paints Objective In 2011 Reynolds and Reyner finished two huge projects redesigning international brands of paints. After that they were asked to develop a new visual identity for a small Finnish company which was planning to enter the U.S. market. Without the …

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Macarons : Illustrations and package design for sweets.

Tweet Package design for legendary French dessert: This delicious symbol of French life is deeply connected in our minds with sweetness of life in Paris. So, light and charming illustrations are the right way to provide an atmosphere of being free and happy, along with feelings and emotions, which can …

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Catalan wines A self initiated project by toormix for the promotion of the Catalan wines.

Tweet Branding, graphic and communication code for a catalan wines promotion project for the domestic and international audience. A project that aims to improve the consumption and the presence of the local wines at catalan cellars and restaurants. The brand with 12 different variations (as many as wine designations of …

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Caramela Branding

Tweet Caramela is a chocolate boutique located in Monterrey, Mexico. This city differentiates historically for having an industrial golden era in the steel manufacturing. As part of the concept, we considered these historical values to inspire the brand to simulate a high-end handcrafted chocolate factory. The packaging design is inspired …

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Chocolat Factory Packaging design for Chocolat Factory products

Tweet Projects developed at ruiz+company. Jorge Alavedra Tweet

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Anagrama : Theurel & Thomas Branding, Design, Packaging

Tweet Theurel & Thomas Branding – Interiorism Theurel & Thomas is the first patisserie in Mexico specialized in French macarons, the most popular dessert of the French pastries. For this project it was very important to create an imposing brand that would emphasize the unique value, elegance and detail of …

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Steve Simpson : Packaging Design

Tweet A selection of packaging design projects I’ve both designed and illustrated over the past couple of years.In these graphic mock-ups I’ve used forced perspective to view both the front face and the top of the lids.   Tweet

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Stefania Capellupo : my portfolio

Tweet 2011 graphic design of my portfolio Stefania Capellupo Design of my portoflio graph, which involves the construction of aninner and an outer packaging cartonicino and layout of individualfiles each showing a different job. Everything is divided into 4 sections: Corporate, Project, Illustrationand Photography. Inside the palace is an envelope made ​​of the same material of thepackaging containing hp graphic card and CD, to be left to each interview after describing my work with the help of the entireportfolio. Tweet

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JUST IN CASE ® – End-of-the-world-survival kit – Branding, Packaging

Tweet Agency Self Promo 2012 JUST IN CASE ® End-of-the-world survival kit, crafted and designed in Mexico by MENOSUNOCEROUNO. If the world ends this year, we better be happily ready. Expecting a beautiful chaos, MENOSUNOCEROUNO created JUST IN CASE ®, the perfect brand for the end of times. A brand …

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