5 Best Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business

Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business

You’ve realized that you can generate an income through online clients however even with your brilliant graphics skills making this income steady is a challenge; and your aim is to have a steady income. You have discovered that you can go out there with your brilliant mind and create wonderful graphic designs and people will pay for it.

Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business

1. Generate Steady Work

Even though  Graphic design is relatively easy to do with all of the documentation, tutorials and software available in the market;  Being able to use the software and have the mind and creativity to be good is just one side of the coin. Now you have to market yourself and generate steady work.

Having steady work takes time and dedication.  Here are some tips to getting you going on the financial end.  The first tip is how to get more clients.  Joining a variety of websites is a smart maneuver in getting your name and talent out there.  Avoid freelance sites such as Guru.com or Upwork.com these charge you money and also take a cut to any fees you charge, they also under value yourself as an individual and the industry as a whole.


2. Network

The best way to get work through networking is to contact the people you already know (who aren’t already clients) or people in your field. Having a blog helps a lot in this respect although isn’t essential.  Over time you will establish yourself as a bigger, better player in this competitive field.

The most important thing that you can do as a graphic designer is keep a portfolio.  You can do this on your own website, on your blog, or best of all have links to live real life examples.    Remember, showcase your best work and have a blurb on there for each piece. Essentially it is a balance between selling yourself and letting the work sell itself, however networking should start with you offering the other party something and developing trust.

Keep in mind how you would treat an email of this nature yourself and start from there. This can explain your technique, what the piece means, and allows you to ask for work.

3. Have an Attractive Portfolio

Other than networking once you have the portfolio make sure you market yourself.  Look for the opportunity in every place you go.  Post new works on Facebook, and every other social network you have time to,( if agreed upon by your client). This may sound self evident however a lot of people overlook theses steps.

You can also use your clients as a network to gain popularity and publicity, ask them to do this in any way that’s appropriate.  Social media is a great way to expand your presence in the field, not only for social networking, but for bolstering your online status.  The graphic designing aspect of the job is no small task, but networking yourself is a bigger task.  Having the proper portfolio and online presence is massive helping factor in generating more work.

4. Be Organized

“One of these days I’m gonna get  organezized”

De NIro (Taxi Driver)

Once you have the new work, you will be spending more time doing on the job.  In order to make sure you do not fall behind on projects it is essential to have good organization.  More clients may mean more capital, but if you cannot deliver your designs on time, you will gain a negative reputation.

Reputation is the cornerstone of generating new clients and a steady stream of work. Aside from having an impeccable portfolio and an impressive list of clients the way you leave people feeling is and what people will think of you is what will help you win the best clients.

Eventually people will seek you out and you’ll be turning work down. Being punctual, being able to answer any questions, and having yourself and work organized are some of the essential qualities you’ll need to have to have returning steady clients.   Some tools to help with organization could be a database for online work.  Having the due date, the priority and a small description of the job is extremely helpful for organization.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”

Benjamin Franklin


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