8 Smart SEO Tips To Keep In Mind At All Times

Smart SEO Tips

Are you thinking about getting on the starting your own blog ? Trying to start your own business or taking your existing business on to the internet. It can be a big, scary place if you do not know …

8 SEO tips to keep in mind at all times

Are you thinking about getting on the starting your own blog ? Trying to start your own business or taking your existing business on to the internet. It can be a big, scary place if you do not know what you are doing. Thankfully, there are plenty of free resources available to help . Here are 8 easy tips about search engine optimization that you should always keep in mind.

Smart SEO Tips

1. Content.

The first and foremost thing to remember about your website is content. There’s a good reason why people call content king. It is what draws people to your website and essentially how links should be made. Link bait is an extremely attractive article that literally acts as a kind of bait to draw in links naturally .An ugly website can work wonders as long as it has great content. Your content should be regular, inviting and concise. People want to know what you are in business for, and why they should come to you, this can all come across in your blog .

2. Keywords

Keywords should make up two to six percent of your content. These are words that show up in internet searches. Having picked your niches keyword, ( the keyword your aim to rank in the search engine results pages for ) you need to alter all your sites settings to include this word. These words help make your blog get recognized in the niche. Do not over do it, or the spider programs will not like it. Try to have 10 to 12 keywords per page.

3. Multiple Domains.

A home page is essential, but may not have the most practical name. Instead make landing pages that are search engine optimized to be recognized. These landing pages can then redirect back to your main page, or have contact information for your company directly on them. These are perfectly acceptable in the eyes of the google spiders. It has even been noted from the google blog that you can use redirects to age a domain or absorb its pr.

4. Linking.

There are millions of people on the internet. Linking with other sites helps your credibility in a lot of ways. Back when search engines where just getting started information was randomly found usually without relevant pages. Google came along and said we’ll rank sites according to how many other sites link to it. If a site such as Wikipedia has millions of people linking to it then according to Google’s algorithm it has something useful to say so is therefore put at the top of the serps (search engine results pages. And it has worked wonderfully , of course now people know that search engine ranks are boosted when links are present links are high priority for anyone serious about seo . However, watch out, if some of those links are not highly rated, it can make you look bad too.

Smart SEO Tips

5. Avoid Templates and Duplicate Content

The spiders that comb the internet are looking for keywords and coding. If you copy a website the spiders will know. Objects are embedded with code, if the code has been used before you will receive a bad rating among the spiders. However there is a massive debate about what equals duplicate content and how google handles it. Always be original google tends to crawl less sites with duplicate content. Having said that “Honest site owners often worry about duplicate content when they don’t really have to,” Google’s Cutts said.

6. Newsletters.

Offering newsletters to ezine publishers can have several benefits. First it is a link, as discussed above. Second it gets your content out there to more places on the web. This is the perfect combination to use to get your stuff out there. Having decided to spread information to more people through a news letter you’ll need some software free or paid to share it with, this saves you a ton of time , increases publicity through already having and audience and is very simple; some lists are free and online.

7. Social Bookmarking.

Social media marketing is always growing and is a very smart way top get your content seen by a wider audience. First off make sure people can add your website or comment on your website, for this install a plugin such as social marker which actually submits fresh content to 50 of these sites for free. All of these are links to your site which help wotyh serp’s and eventually traffic.

8. Have variety.

“Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor”. William Cowper ; yes it’s a cliché but its true.

Do not just stick with one set of words. The spiders will recognize it, and frown upon it. Shift the words around to make it slightly different. This is especially true for Keywords. That is one reason that it is important to have multiple keywords.
There you have it, a variety of quick tips to get you started on the internet. Remember, search engine optimization is important. Without the search engine your website is out in the dark. The only way to bring people to your website with any measure of success is to make sure you are optimized. These are all proven techniques and good starting points to give you a grasp on where to start you seo campaign.

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