Digital Marketing Outlined

Digital Marketing Outlined

Digital marketing can mean many things to many people but the primary focus is on marketing digital images. The internet’s power is concentrated in images. Images make the web shocking, awe inspiring and memorable. Images move us in a way that nothing else could. Technically digital marketing is anything in electronic media. Roughly 80% of our media is wired in some way today, only newspapers and print media isn’t electronic and traditional print media is going away fast! So digital marketing commonly refers to internet marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Yes it is, but there are many forms of marketing on the internet that go unnoticed. A great example is audio. There are many audios used to market on the web but few move us the way an image can. Human beings are deeply connected to hearing as scientists say that hearing the first sense that we gain during the birth process and last to leave at death.  But images move us in a way that hearing can’t. Perhaps it is because sight captures our imagination in a unique way. We see images during the day, and we see images when we dream at night. Dreams touch the deepest regions of our internal psyche.

So, how is digital marketing changing our perspective on the world?

Digital marketing is making our world smaller. It is bringing our perception of life into a new era. In the past people lived in their small communities a whole lifetime and died probably within 200 miles of their birth home. Today people are more mobile than ever, and they are more open-minded than ever. Digital marketing is a new way of pinging customers with new products via e-mail, desktop and pop-up. Each one of these areas of contact allow marketers to share new products and ideas with customers. But digital marketing has to do one thing that all marketing does. It must repeat itself. Marketing is not effective if it is not repeated.

Our final forum on digital marketing is comprised of the future of the medium. As social media has emerged, the nature and reach of digital marketing has expanded to what appears to be infinite.  Facebook now has more than 100 million users. That is essentially hard to imagine. Digital marketing is something that you need to take an accounting of and focus to make it work. Like all forms of marketing it requires repetition and repetition on Facebook is very expensive. Social media has changed the game for digital marketing and it will never be the same.


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