How to Get through a Creative Block?

How to Get through a Creative Block

8 creative tips that will ensure you never use this horrendously destructive word ever again and I mean =NEVER 

How to Get through a Creative Block?

How to Get through a Creative Block

(1)   You start writing or splashing paint or hacking at the lonesome log in front of you. Doesn’t matter what transpires what matters is doing. So onto tip number two

(2)   Action, repeated action, rinse and repeat type action, Massive action all combine to get you out of your lethargy (assuming you are breathing) I mean we could have filled in four more tips by just using this awesome keyword. Action  but we are not renowned for being brief so to tip no 3

(3)   Not so long ago using the term Creative Block was considered something cool inferring that you had created so much there was nothing left to do. I mean it’s a great phrase to use when you are meeting someone for the first time. Being a Creative type is just so awesomely cool it’s enough to stop someone in their tracks. Don’t use it! Use the positive… I am a Writer/Painter/Sculptor, period! : )

(4)   To banish the C block phrase like for ever (which is why we are here and you aren’t) you need the Creative Secret Weapon. You know the sort that is only available to members! The Swipe File! Sounds a bit shady but believe me it’s not. Swipe here, swipe there and tuck it all up in a little File. Well Portfolio sounds rather more cool!

(5)   If you’ve never experienced the power of a Swipe file then you are in for a treat. Because all you need to do when C block threatens is to open said file et viola a cornucopia of well… Swipes… bits of paper, press cuttings, e-book urls, magazine articles that you always meant to read but never did and so on. Sounds Good? Well it is good believe me!

(6)   We are assuming you are an Adult with some life experience to call on so this tip is exactly that. ☺ Life Experience. Nothing quite like it for stirring the nostalgia gene! When you upload your memory of the time you fell into the Canal or hooked a Marlin or grew the winning Rose (this tip generally only applies to the over 40’s) then with pen paint or chisel you are away and the starting Block (yes we’d forgotten, ignored that one purposely!) is vanishing into the rear view mirror. We are not suggesting you try writing while Driving but this leads to the next tip rather appropriately if I might say so.

(7)   Technology. We can’t all be web designers or software developers but we can most definitely utilise a lot of this geeky stuff. Get yourself a small voice recorder, don’t phones have this facility? When you are driving or waiting for the train or plane or boat get the picture? Just switch on and start talking. What’s to talk about?  Your Job, Your House, Your interview, Your Dreams for the future, Your next Holiday, How you are going to drop that awful Boyfriend /Girlfriend without creating a scene, how you are going to get that web site set up without breaking the bank and so on and on and on. No sign of any Blocks here are there? I mean in this tip number seven there are 7 sub sections so where’s the problem people? It’s just a Myth perpetuated by Conspirators.

(8)   Tip 8 is probably the most important. Take a Note Pad and Pen write down your Most Important and Cherished Goal in life and start breaking this down one line at a time describing how you are going to start to achieve this, how you will feel when you reach this goal, what’s the time line to completion, who’s going to help you, what things are essential in reaching the goal, whose going to share it with you, whose going along for the ride and so on. One line at a time! You’ll probably need at least an hour and a half to complete this exercise and could end up with 50 sub headings! This is your very own personal Swipe file and needs to be kept under wraps, since there are a lot of people out there who would love to see you fail at the first hurdle so just don’t tell them! simple!

We could have entitled this Article 50 ways to Rule the Creative World but  hey let’s be kind on all those other poor unfortunates who have yet to discover the Secret .Hey you could even teach them the secrets of awesome creativity yourself once you have mastered them yourself! ☺


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