Interesting iPhone App Trends

Interesting Iphone App Trends

The iPhone is the only phone available with the widest selection of applications available to work with the device. With countless iPhone applications available in the market, it becomes quite a task for iPhone users to decide which applications to settle for.

iPhone App Trends

Interesting Iphone App Trends

Similar to 2010 when the iPhone app store recorded over 300,000 active apps, 2011 is set to project an increased addition to the iPhone apps. 2010 saw the addition of social tracking apps to the app store with Foursquare, SCVNGR and Gowalla gaining success over the year among iphone users. The apps enable phone users to comprehensively interact with friends and acquire badges for using the app.

Social buying apps like GILT, Rue La La and Groupon enable people to acquire products and quality services at discounted prices. Augmented reality app heightened in use with travel app and GPS changing the phone users’ outlook on the world. Foodie find applications also gained popularity with Ubereats and Grab commonly downloaded by users. The apps enable users to scout for ideal eating locations to get desirable deals on cuisines and connect with diners in their locale. Photographic apps are not new to phones, but new photographic apps are cropping up every other day.

The iPhone world has been a buzz in anticipation of the introduction of a new lens to the iPhone, beginning with the second camera introduced through iphone 4, which will revolutionize the phone’s photographic experience. Social gaming apps and augmented reality apps are expected to reach their peak in 2011. Many iphone users have been complaining about the number of poorly designed apps in the app store. 2011 promises an increased number of great app designs.

As an iphone owner, your can create your own apps. The first tip is to have a great app idea which fills a gap or is functional to a user, serves a specific niche and is fun to use. It is also wise to carry out research on the particular app type to find out whether there are other similar apps available and what users have to say about them. After deciding exactly what your app will be and its outlook, the next step would be to actually create it. Get an Apple iPhone Developer Program which retails at $99. You should already own an iphone but you can simply get one if you don’t own it.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is another key requirement. You will also need a notebook for documentation purposes. The actual creation and design process requires a level of knowledge in app creation. You might need to get a team comprising of developers, market research specialists, sketch artists, designers and programmers. However if you are well versed in several components of app development, you can simply undertake the task. The team you select should similarly sign the non-disclosure agreement. The next step would be to conduct a comprehensive market research on similar apps and their downfalls.

Make sure your app does not repeat the errors made by predecessors. After creating your ideal app, the next step would be to submit it to the Apple app store. The services of a developer would be highly required during this step. Last but not least market your app to get iphone users to buy it. Who knows, your app just might be the next app success story.


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